More Leaked Images Of The Upcoming HTC All New One Hit The Web

HTC is holding an event on this March 25 and is expected to unveil its next flagship smartphone. However, just ahead of the event, more leaked images of the anticipated HTC All New One have hit the web.


The handset is apparently called HTC M8 for now, although reports and leaks suggest that the company will be branding it as ‘The All New One.’ Images of this alleged HTC M8 have leaked on the web in the past and now, a HardForum user has posted yet more images of the handset.

There’s little doubt that HTC is really good when it comes to smartphone design. What the company lacks is a handset that offers the right balance and priority of specifications at the right price tag. It would appear that HTC aims to change this on March 25.


The upcoming HTC M8 is incredibly fast, according to the HardForum user who leaked the fresh spate of images online. According to him, “My friend has an evaluation model from HTC. I played with it quite a bit today. Software was still really buggy, Zoe didn’t work, keyboard autocorrect didn’t work and few other streams FC’d like Youtube and stuff but omfg this phone is fast.”

What is really interesting is this user’s description of the camera result of the M8 handset. In his words, “Faster than my Google Edition S4. Front camera is incredible. 4-megapixel front-facing camera. Was really crisp. Didn’t get a chance to try out the dual rear camera but it was amazing. Thinner than the 2013 One and taller. I’m going to try and play with it a bit more, but I’m already sold on it.”


Clearly, HTC is hoping to ramp up demand for its smartphone line-up by packing some impressive specs under the hood of this handset. And that may be why the company threw smug remarks Samsung’s way after the company’s recent Galaxy S5 announcement. Let’s hope HTC lives up to the hopes this time and combines its stellar design with an equally impressive performance of a handset.

Source: HardForum
Courtesy: BGR

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