Leaked Images Of Sony Xperia U Kumquat Just Before MWC

As the Mobile World Congress, which is scheduled for the next week, draws closer, a number of rumors as well as leaks are surfacing. Most of these leaks are in anticipation of the expected devices that will be unveiled during the MWC 2012. The latest of these leaks are about Sony Xperia U, somewhat of a big brother to the previous Sony device, Sony Xperia S. More than a dozen leaked images of the device show that it is larger in size than Xperia S.

One very interesting thing about the leaked images is that the device no longer bears the branding of Sony Ericsson. Sony recently rubbed Sony Ericsson off it’s hands and decided that it will be producing handsets with it’s own brand name. And apparently, work on this has already begun. The Xperia U bears the name ‘Sony’ right on it’s front.

The specifications of this device, as rumored, are not very top of the line and are rather appropriate to put it down as a mid-range, small and inexpensive option for those who want to continue their love with Xperia S line-up. Xperia U is said to have a 3.5-inch FWVGA Reality Display, a 1GHz dual-core CPU, ability to capture 720p video and a pretty small, user-replaceable battery. The operating system that is rumored to be running on this upcoming device is Android 2.3.7. However, the rumors also suggest that soon after the release, the device will be upgraded to ICS.

Although Sony hasn’t officially admitted that it will be unveiling this device at the upcoming MWC, these leaked pics quite evidently make it obvious that Xperia S is getting a big brother soon.

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