LG Envoy Now Available In U.S. Cellular

The LG Envoy a slim and simple design with a roomy keypad. Very simple and smart features include a speakerphone, voice commands, and Bluetooth and a lot more. It is more popular because of its very affordable price and fantastic call quality. Now catch LG Envoy on U.S. Cellular.


The LG Envoy has a simple 1,000-entry phone book, two e-mail addresses, a URL, and a memo. You are also allowed to add a photo for caller ID and any of 28 sounds can be set as either a custom ringtone or message tone. You can also set your own MP3s as a ringtone. You can organize your contacts into caller groups as well.


The display is a grayscale CSTN 2.2-inch 260,000-color TFT display with a 220×176-pixel resolution. It displays the date, time, battery life, signal strength, and incoming caller ID. A 2.5mm headset jack, volume rocker, and Micro-USB port sit on the left spine, a VGA camera, while a camera button sits on the right. users will appreciate the mobile Web browser, Bluetooth, and access to U.S. Cellular’s EasyEdge shop that lets you buy ringtones, apps, and games. A few BREW apps come preloaded on the Envoy. For only $9.99 after a discount and a two-year contract, i think its a quite goo deal.

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