LG To Bring “Bendable And Unbreakable” Display Equipped Smartphone G Flex Next Month

Lately, we have seen a leaked video showing details of LG’s upcoming smartphone Nexus 5. But it seems like LG has some more smartphones with distinctive features to unveil. LG has recently admitted that it is going to bring “bendable and unbreakable” display equipped smartphone G Flex next month.

LG G Flex Curved Screen Smartphone

G Flex will pack 6-inch display. The G Flex curves on the opposite axis, orthogonally from top to bottom. To some extent, this design makes a bit more sense as it could follow the contour of the face.

LG G Flex

Apart from the feature “bendable and unbreakable” display, LG has revealed no further info like pricing or specifications of this smartphone.

Curved Screen LG G Flex Smartphone

However, LG has already sent the “bendable and unbreakable” displays for production. And now it remains to be seen what other gimmicks LG has up its sleeves to really sell this unique device.

Source: Engadget

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