LG Reveals Plans Of Launching A ‘Thinking Smartphone’

The smartphone market is currently held by Apple and Samsung, with tiny hand-0uts of the market share going to the rest of the vendors. While the world waits for iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III, LG has unveiled plans of launching a ‘thinking smartphone’ soon.

LG hasn’t been a particular success in the smartphone market. Although it is known as a major handset vendor, its overall success hasn’t exactly translated into its position in the smartphone market.

But surprisingly, LG officials are quite hopeful and confident that LG still stands a real chance in the smartphone market and is currently working on a device that may tip the fortunes in the company’s favor. According to the company’s managing director, Kwon Bong-suk, LG will soon introduce a ‘thinking smartphone.’ While we don’t know what exactly that means, Bong-suk is confident that it will be the next big thing in the smartphone market.

According to him, innovation doesn’t need essentially come from Apple and that LG could be the next notable smartphone innovator. The tiny hint that we did get as to what would this smartphone would be like was that Bong-suk said that LG won’t try to stuff in a lot of new features into this ‘thinking smartphone’ like most other vendors do. Rather, the company intends to launch a device which will attend to the user’s specific needs.

Most importantly, with all that kind of innovation promised, LG intends to keep the price of the upcoming device quite low. Given LG’s influence in the low-end markets, it is understandable that the company wants to introduce the thinking smartphone at a very affordable price of $100. The question, again, is that will this device change LG’s fortunes in the smartphone market?

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