LG VL600 LTE CDMA modem

Reportedly Verizon is planning a big launch for its LTE broadband network technology in Boston and Seattle [U.S]. The operator is already testing its network there, and is expected to launch it sometime this year…..

You might remember that an LTE modem for Verizon passed FCC muster not long ago — now, it seems we’re getting our first glimpse of it.

Well, as things go, FCC has approved LG’s VL600, an LTE modem, with support for CDMA EVDO 850/1900MHz and LTE 700MHz. According to FCC, LG VL600 is a USB modem, while it is also quite obvious that this could be among the first modems to access Verizon’s LTE broadband network.

The LG-made LTE-based USB modem for the Big Red carrier has been approved by the FCC! The model number is VL600 and it can sing along both CDMA EV-DO network at 850 and 1900 MHz, and LTE at 700 MHz. Dual-mode baby, meaning it can work in any part of the U.S. – even in places where there are no LTE signals around.

Phone Scoop reports that Nokia  released an LTE modem quite earlier in Europe, probably in 2009, but the LG VL600 is the first LTE device approved for use in the U.S. [For those who don’t know what it does yet, LG VL600 is connected / plugged to laptops for broadband service access.]

As is usually the case with these early devices on next-gen networks, this USB stick doesn’t look quite as svelte as we’d probably like it to be, but we have little doubt that they’ll get progressively thinner and sexier over the course of a year or three. And hey, in the meantime, far be it from us to steer clear of faster download speeds just because the modem’s a little chubby, you know?

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