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Medic Mobile Uses $10 Cellphones To Bring Health Care To Millions

Medic Mobile is a company which endeavors to bring heath care to the remote regions of Africa and Southeast Asia, where health care is not available. The company recently launched $10 cellphones for its workers, a move which has been immensely beneficial in taking health care benefits to millions more.

Medic Mobile

Medic Mobile health workers work with families in remote regions. Until recently, each of these workers had some 100 families assigned to him and he had to submit updates from the patients to the doctor by foot.

Now, however, the company has equipped its workers with simple $10 cellphones. Not only has it sped up the pace of communications, it has also improved the quality of health care offered by Medic Mobile. Workers can now talk to doctors instantly on the handset and using a whole plethora of SIM apps, send detailed patient information to the doctors.

This has also helped Medic Mobile expand its program to more families and more people. The company recently doubled the total number of its workers to 16,000. By the end of 2013, it is claimed that Medic Mobile’s health care program will reach a whopping 7.5 million.

In the past, it has been speculated that smartphones with health care apps can be very effective in bridging the distance between the doctors and patients. In fact, with the right apps, there may no longer be a need for a patient to visit the doctor for a diagnosis. However, for underdeveloped regions, using a smartphone can bump up the costs of a health care system.

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