Microsoft And Zain Group Partner To Launch Windows Phone Devices In MENA Region

The Mobile World Congress this year served not only to unveil some of the coolest smartphones, tablets and other devices and technologies, it was also kind of an occasion to socially mix for tech companies. It seems that Microsoft and Zain Group really got on well during the event, so much so that both entered into an agreement that Zain Group would launch Windows Phone devices in Middle East and North Africa regions.

Zain Group and Microsoft have entered into an agreement according to which, the group will be launching Windows Phone devices in MENA regions. Primarily, Zain Group will try to create a customer base for Windows Phone devices in Iraq, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan and Sudan.

Zain Group has a solid presence in the mobile phone market in MENA regions. However, given the rising popularity of smartphone devices elsewhere, users in MENA regions increasingly want access to latest releases. Given this demand, particularly that for a varied choice in smartphones, Zain Group has decided to launch a number of ventures, one of which is this agreement inked with Microsoft.

According to the CEO of Zain Group, Nabeel Bin Salamah, “The smartphone has become a necessary item in today’s society, and this agreement with Microsoft, one of the world’s leading technology companies, is just the beginning of yet another example of Zain delivering on its brand promise to achieve our vision of ‘A Wonderful World’. We have the utmost confidence in the capabilities of Windows smartphone technology and believe such an appealing offering will further attract, empower and enhance the lifestyles of our customers.”

Microsoft was no less hopeful of the MENA markets that it is eyeing for the sale of Windows Phone devices in the coming days. According to Microsoft’s Mobility Director for Middle East and Africa, “We are seeing huge smartphone growth in the region and this is expected to continue with a prediction of 38% year-on-year growth for 2012. The partnership with local mobile phone operators will help drive the appetite of consumers in the region.”

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