Microsoft Kin One And Kin Two Both Foundation Comes With Zune HD

Form the discussion with Kin product manager Derek Snyder with engadget, we got that both Kin are basically built on the same foundation like Zune HD. Both this device running NVIDIA Tegra silicon, and there’s no reason that anything you see on a Zune HD couldn’t run just as well on a Kin.
Both devices feature hardware QWERTY keyboards, QVGA resolution touchscreen displays and “chrome-less” look with Microsoft’s recently launched Windows Phone 7 platform according to Mobile Burn.
The KIN ONE is the smaller of the two devices and features a 5-megapixel camera with a bright LumiLED flash, 4GB of internal storage and capable of recording video in standard definition resolution, the flash on the camera is apparently 8 times brighter than a conventional LED flash.
The KIN TWO on the other hand features 8GB of internal storage, 8-megapixel camera, and LumiLED flash and has stunning HD video recording capabilities. Both of these devices can automatically add geo-tag location information to their photos.

Though Microsoft has been insistent that we should keep a close eye on its over-the-air updates after launch as features evolve. Either way, that’s a marked (and curious) departure from Windows Phone 7, where Microsoft’s been taking an all-Qualcomm, all-the-time approach.

The KIN ONE does not have stereo speakers but the KIN TWO does, both comes with Zune media player, ZunePass subscriptions, 3.5mm stereo headphone jacks and stunningly rich browsing experience, also has integrated Bing search and RSS news feed support.

KIN supports Twitter, MySpace and Facebook straight out of the box, there is another cool feature called “the Spot”, this is a user interface for easy sharing of messages and media, basically just drag the contacts and items like messages or pictures to the “Spot” on the display and then you will have the ability to send them off with a tap of the screen.,


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