Microsoft Patents A Dual-Screen Smartphone

Microsoft patent suggests a detachable dual-screened smartphone, if Microsoft ever did release such a phone it would certainly stir the waters and the dual-screen design has echoes of the now-dead Courier project, something that caused quite a commotion when elements of its design leaked. The two screens offer separate functions and one practical implementation of the second screen could be as a remote control for the larger display, the whole package still looks big in comparison to today’s razor-thin smartphones and this Microsoft concept seems much closer to becoming real than before………….


A new patent from Microsoft looks like something we’d definitely see in a sci-fi movie and filed a patent for a dual-screen device with detachable displays. The interface was originally demonstrated in the company’s Office Labs Vision 2019 video and The software giant describes the interface as a dual display mobile device comprises a first device with a first display and a second device with a second display. The company has supplied a number of images to illustrate its concept. Manan Kakkar, who discovered the patent filing, notes that the device appears to include hinges and springs to allow it to separate the screens. Microsoft originally demonstrated a translucent dual-screen smartphone in the company’s Office 2019 video.  The video (below) is the company’s vision of a future office in 2019. It features a mobile device which closes together in a clam-shell and allows the user to separate the two screens in a similar way that is described in Microsoft’s recent patent application. In below you will also find some images from the patent application:



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