Microsoft Reportedly Starts Testing Its Own Smartphone

It has been frequently rumored over the recent past that Microsoft is working on a smartphone of its own. Not that we have any sound proof to substantiate that yet, but Wall Street Journal has now reported that certain officials in Microsoft’s supply chain hinted that the company is currently testing its smartphone design.

Rumored Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft is the software vendor for the Windows Phone platform. And with Windows Phone 8, it has been able to make a lot of clamor in the smartphone arena. Although the main carrier of Windows Phone devices, Nokia, hasn’t been doing great but many see a huge potential for Windows Phone smartphones in the future.

Given Nokia’s lackluster success in the market ever since it launched its Lumia handsets, it is quite possible that Microsoft may try to take the Windows Phone market into its own hands. Or at least that is what the latest rumors suggest.

According to WSJ, a number of officials in Microsoft’s part suppliers divulged that Microsoft is testing a smartphone design with its Asian suppliers. The officials, of course, asked to be anonymous, so there’s no way of proving or disproving this bit of information.

These officials pegged the display of the tested smartphone to be between 4 and 5 inches. Naturally, Microsoft refused to comment on these reports. The company seems at the verge of bagging a success for its Surface tablets. And it would make perfect sense for it to push forth with a smartphone of its own, also because in the long-run, it intends to bring together its desktop and mobile operating systems.

Source: WSJ

Courtesy: iClarified

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