More Teens Are Into Communication Through Text Messages Than Calling Or Emailing

Teenagers are the ones who are mostly up and about with whatever is new and latest. They are the trendiest of all age groups as they are driving force in what goes in style and what not when it comes to being cool or uncool. Interesting a survey by Pew shows what they are up to these days with technology of texting. It has been found through a study by Pew Internet Research Center that U.S. teens prefer texting to calling or e-mailing, according to CNET.

The survey interviewed 800 adolescents between ages of 12 to 19 and it was found that majority of them prefer text messaging than any other means of getting connected with whomever they want to, whether it be their family or their friends. Since many years, the texting trend in teens is going higher. Rather they would like to use a landline phone when they want to talk to someone. They do less talking on cell phones and smartphones, as if they the devices for gaming apps and for texting. Or at least that is what the teenagers have made them out to be for themselves. Considering the fact that a teen sends an average of 60 text messages a day, which was 50 back in 2009, it shows how much they have come to like this means of communication.

The senior research specialist at Pew Amanda Lenhart thinks that the teens are more close to communicating with text messages because they are fast and want immediate responses. The reason why texting could also be their preferred means of getting in touch is because one does not has to talk, which means that they want to share, they share between the concerned people only. No one can hear them and no one can interfere. It could be one of the reasons why they do it.

Besides it is also fast. Calling on a phone to get in touch with a friend might be a delayed thing as he or she might not be at home or could not reach the phone. But when it comes to cell phones, it is always around with them. Hence, it is easier to get in touch to get ask what is going on. The trend is also cost-effective because making a call just to check on your friend is expensive, while getting to know the same through a simple short text message is very easy.

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