New Unannounced C-Series Smartphone By Nokia: C6

Nokia is going to release another C-Series smartphone. Nokia Mystic with the portrait QWERTY keyboard may not be the upcoming C6 after all. Instead, Tom’s Guide is submitting this bright white exhibit as the device lucky enough to wear the C6 name, a phone that looks a whole hell of a lot like a 5230 with a QWERTY slider tacked on for good measure.
he smartphone business with its new Symbian-based mobile platforms we’ll be checking out virtually every phone that Nokia decides to make public. We’ve seen the Nokia Nuron 5230 heading to T-Mobile and CeBIT 2010 has brought us an entry- to mid-level device, the Nokia C5, the first of the C-Series.

expecting Nokia to launch the C6 at the same event in Germany but we were left wanting. The C5 looks terribly good for an entry-level device so the C6 can only be better. Or at least that’s what we assume. Until today we knew the C6 comes in a slider form and now we have a picture to prove it.

The C6 to be the actual smartphone we’re looking for from Nokia. But if the picture shows the real thing we’ll immediately notice how this particular model looks also similar to the N97 and N97 Mini. Only this time around the sliding QWERTY keyboard is parallel to the screen, a much better position if you ask me. The C6 seems to also have a trackpad, not that we absolutely require one since there’s a full touchscreen display to take advantage of. Should we assume that the rest of the specs are similar to the Nokia Nuron?

The C6 will be available at some point later this summer and it will probably be available for a more than fair price.

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