Nokia Announces $102 Asha 310 With Wi-Fi And Dual-SIM

Nokia’s Asha phones seem to be gathering significant momentum in developing markets. Building on the success of its earlier handsets, the company has announced yet another addition to the family – Asha 310. Asha 310 arrives with a 3-inch touchscreen display, support for dual-SIM functionality and ability to use Wi-Fi.

Nokia Asha 310

The ability to make use of Wi-Fi in Asha 310 is a good addition. Naturally, that make using a whole host of apps from Nokia a lot more easier. Although the phone ships with a meager internal storage space of 128MB, Nokia promises that you can expand it to as much as 32GB. Users in Brazil will get the handset with 2GB of storage space included.

The 2-megapixel camera is sufficient to let you occasionally snap at the important moments, but nothing too good. Among the highlights is also the availability of Nokia Maps, a feature which has proved very competitive in the arena of online mapping solutions.

Whereas these specs are the bare minimum of what a smartphone may contain, it doesn’t hurt to notice that the Asha 310 handset is priced at a mere $102. Priced this low, some may even want to have it as a backup phone in times of emergencies, if not go for it as a primary handset.

According to the executive vice president of Mobile Phones at Nokia, Timo Toikkanen, “The Nokia Asha 310 is the first-ever Nokia smartphone to offer both Easy Swap Dual SIM and Wi-Fi in the same device. It gives consumers the best of both worlds, allowing them to separate work and play, or speak with friends on other mobile networks more affordably. The addition of Wi-Fi support gives users the freedom to enjoy much more of the Internet compared to competitive devices at this price point.”

The handset is expected to hit the shelves sometime during the first quarter of this year in Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America. It will be available in black, white and golden colors.

Courtesy: Engadget

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