Nokia X7 Coming To AT&T

We have seen an unofficial video preview of Nokia X7 last month and now symbian-based smartphone pictured in AT&T brand which suggests it will be offered in the US……

Nokia X7 gaming phone was confirmed today through a pair of photos. The shots give away that it will be an AT&T phone with prominent badging on top and would be the first Symbian^3 device attached to the network. It appears to be slightly more refined than the earlier prototype with an all-black color scheme.The X7‘s distinctive selling point should be its four speakers which should put out much louder audio useful for headphone-free games. Performance should be similar on the inside to the N8 and thus enough for the 3D gaming shown earlier. A 4-inch display would give it an edge over the N8.Although at 640×360 it wouldn’t gain any resolution advantage.AT&T as an American carrier could also unveil as soon as CES in January or wait until spring CTIA in late March.

Pictures :


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