Nvidia Unveils Next-Gen Tegra SoCs Codenamed Logan And Parker

Nvidia has been betting heavily on mobile gaming, and the chip-maker is gearing up with a new batch of chips to those ends. At the GPU Technology Conference, the company unveiled its upcoming crop of Tegra SoCs. These next-gen Tegra SoCs are codenamed ‘Logan’ and ‘Parker.’


Nvidia is packing a number of new features in these next-gen SoCs. When it comes to Logan, the company revealed that the SoC will include CUDA, an exclusive programming platform which has been developed by Nvidia to bolster the computing prowess of an SoC by pushing the limits of its GPU.

Added to that, Logan will pack a Kepler GPU, which will be first for a mobile processor. This, the company promises, will help the new SoC deliver up to 3 times greater performance as compared to other GPUs.

The other new offering is the Parker SoC. Parker is a notch higher, even when compared to Logan. It packs a Denver CPU which is actually a 64-bit processor and this will help Parker to make use of ARMv8 cores. The GPU that comes with it is Maxwell which has 2x more prowess when compared to the Kepler GPU.

These next-generation SoCs are certainly very impressive and once they arrive, they may really push the limits in the realm of mobile gaming. However, it will be a while before they become available, with Logan expected to arrive in 2014 while Parker slated for a 2015 release.

Courtesy: Android Community

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