Official Countdown To ‘The Next Galaxy’ Starts

For all the Android users who have been eagerly anticipating the launch of Samsung’s flagship smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S III, the good news are that the company may be announcing something to that end in 14 hours from now. While we are not sure it would be about Galaxy S III, what we do know is that it is something to do with the Galaxy lineup. This is because Samsung has officially launched a countdown to ‘The Next Galaxy.’

Samsung, quite unusually, has added a very interesting twist to the entire thing. The website that contains the countdown is titled ‘tgeltaayehxnx’ as was also tweeted by the company’s mobile division. ‘tgeltaayehxnx’ is actually an anagram for ‘the next Galaxy’ and given the amount of intrigue that the company is trying to create around it, we do hope that this is going to be something big.

What is a tad bit confusing is the fact that it has been hinted times and again that Galaxy S III is slated to be unveiled on Mar 3rd, something that has nearly been established. So on Monday, we can either expect a major upgrade for Galaxy S II or simple some kind of a video teaser of Galaxy S III smartphone.

The company has apparently learnt from Apple to guard its secrets and reveal them only when the time is ripe. This serves the purposes of inciting the users to anticipate and become interested in the launch. And by all means, Samsung is doing pretty good on that. In case you want to witness the countdown live, you may want to head straight to the official countdown page.

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