Olive FrvrOn V-G2300 Cell phone Powered By An AAA Battery!

As we know digital cameras use normal AA batteries before, but a cell phone that can be powered by an AAA battery! Yes that’s also possible now. The Olive Telecommunication company over in India is offering – India’s first dual-powered mobile phone that supports AAA batteries. Despite the phone, The FrvrOn V-G2300, being a low-end handset, the fact that it supports AAA batteries as a power source would make this phone an ideal companion if you’re going camping or somewhere where there isn’t any electricity available.
The Olive FrvrOn V-G2300 phone is packs a 1.5-inch CSTN display with resolution of 128×128 pixels, polyphonic ringtones, FM radio, speakerphone, a stereo headset, and pre-loaded games. It is available in India for priced at 1699 INR (around $37). Olive FrvrOn V-G2300 is a low-end phone but it is makes special with AAA batteries (600mAh Li-On AAA Alkaline) as power source. Dimensions of Olive FrvrOn V-G2300 are 103×44×18.

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