Palm Pixi Plus vs. HP Veer

In this post you will find webOS battle between the Palm Pre 2 and the HP Pre 3,credit-card sized HP Veer will take the honors as the smallest webOS phone to date when it launches later this year……

HP recently announced HP Veer and it should make you pretty happy.Adding a slide out keyboard, instead of the candy-bar, fully-exposed keyboard of the Palm Pixi has its compromises.One of change is increase the thickness of the device from 10.85 mm to 15.1 mm and another change is that the removable battery seen on the Palm Pixi Plus is no more, the Veer uses a smaller non-removable 910 mAh battery.The screens are relatively unchanged, the 2.63 inch 400 x 320 pixel touchscreen of the Pixi Plus is .03 inches smaller on the Veer.The camera change up from 2-megapixels to 5-megapixels.Both phones offer 8GB of internal memory and bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. The Veer adds wireless n support, HSPA instead of HSDPA and touch-to-share capability.The bread and butter of the HP Veer can best be seen in processing power and memory. Now using a 800 MHz Qualcomm processor instead of the Pixi Plus’ 600 MHz Qualcomm processor.The upgrade from 256MB to 512MB of RAM should also help in multi-tasking and overall device performance.


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