Photo Leaks of LG Spectrum Appear, Successor for LG Revolution

It seems like Verizon is cooking something quite interesting. For those who were expecting a LG Revolution 2 flying to this particular carrier soon, we fear, this is not the case anymore. The handset everybody was expecting turns out to be the LG Spectrum and recently a bunch of photos leaked showcasing it in quite some detail.

PocketNow was responsible for the report, after it was made pretty clear the phone was coming. So what can we tell from looking at those precious photos? Well for starters that it will run Android and sport a 1.5.Hz dual-core processor, a 8MP camera and will enjoy LTE connectivity for the Verizon 4G network. So far, the images are the only available information there is about this new LG device, but we’re expecting the rumors spreaders to start constructing some pretty interesting stories about it.

Like the fact, that if the Spectrum decides to maintain the tradition, we’re surely going to be seeing Bing search and Maps incorporated into it, rather than Google.

By looking at the pictures, the device also seems to be a little lighter and thinner than the mother version and LG has improved the design with some nice little Droid like angels. So far so good. Until now the Spectrum seems like a solid addition to the Verizon family and may become a real competitor to Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Motorola, DROID RAZR and HTC’s Rezound.


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