PowerPhone Active MMS messages to 911

The embodiment of the patent, PowerPhone’s Incident Linked Multimedia (ILM) software, provides a tool for emergency and non-emergency call centers to receive, prioritize and process multimedia messages, such as text, video and images from cellular and other non-traditional callers……

We’ve seen 911 call centers that accept text messages, and now if PowerPhone gets its way you’ll some day be able to use MMS messages to further pinpoint the source of your distress. Patent number 7,764,769, “Integrated Call Handler and E-Mail Systems and Methods,” has just been approved by the Patent and Trademark Office, detailing the use of the company’s Incident Linked Multimedia (ILM) software to receive and prioritize multimedia messages at a call center near you.

With nearly 90% of today’s mobile devices camera enabled, the public can be an incredible resource for a more prepared public safety response,” said Chris Salafia, president and CEO of PowerPhone. “The potential is limitless. Be it an image of a suspicious person, missing child, video from an accident or even an active shooting, scene specific multimedia can be an invaluable tool in ensuring our responders are better equipped with the one thing they most desire – actionable information.

The ILM System allows the 9-1-1 center to solicit incident specific images from cellular callers and to receive and process unsolicited images based upon a proprietary message priority engine and locally defined message relevance determinants. Once received by the center, ILM can incorporate the images into existing Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management Systems.

There is also something there about the software integrated with “existing Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management Systems,” which we imagine must be good news for someone looking to implement these features. But let’s be honest: we’re just looking forward to watching the inevitable “World’s Most Embarrassing Drunken Videos to 911” special on Fox.

This patent is the third issued to PowerPhone in the last eighteen months. All three are integral components of PowerPhone’s Total Response(R) Computer Aided Call Handling (CACH(R)) software, a revolutionary tool to provide 911 operators integrated police, fire and EMS call taking protocols and pre-arrival instructions for a broad range of emergency call types including domestic violence, active shootings, chest pains and rescues.

Source :engadget.com

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