Pre-order Of Nokia Lumia 900 Available At Microsoft’s Retail Stores For $25 Down Payment

Finally, we seem to be getting near the much-anticipated launch of Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone device, the Nokia Lumia 900. Although so far, Microsoft or Nokia hasn’t told when exactly the device will be available, Microsoft confirmed that you can now pre-order your Lumia 900 at Microsoft’s retail stores for a down payment of $25.

This option is currently available with nearly fifteen Microsoft retail stores which can be viewed here. You can pre-order the device at one of these locations by paying $25 down payment. Once your order is confirmed and ready, you will get a call asking you to pick your device.

The device will be activated on-site once you go to the retail store to get it after the call. For now, the option is available with limited locations. But we hope Microsoft may expand it to other locations through third-party retail stores. Moreover, it is highly expected by many tech experts that the release date of the device will actually be March 18 and it will cost $100 in total.

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