RadioShack Starts Offering Discounts On Galaxy S III, iPhone 4S And iPhone 5

Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, Galaxy S4, is already here. It is being expected that Apple will soon come up with its new iPhone offering, probably named iPhone 5S, to be pitted against Galaxy S4. Meanwhile, retailers are gearing up to clean out their inventories with discounts on earlier handsets. And RadioShack is the first one to do so.

Galaxy S III

RadioShack has starting offering fairly lucrative price discounts on Samsung Galaxy S III, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. The best price deal from the company is on Galaxy S III, which can be availed by Sprint customers. Normally, Sprint customers would get Galaxy S III for $199.999 but RadioShack is now offering it for a mere $49.99. In other words, you get a solid $150 discount.

The price cuts for iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are relatively less substantial. For such customers who are new to Sprint, they can save up to $50 on each of these two smartphones, thanks to RadioShack’s new discounts.

While RadioShack is the first to offer discounts on these flagship smartphones, others will soon follow suit as we inch towards the next version of iPhone. According to RadioShack, the sale of the handsets at discounted price will continue between now and April 4th. However, worry not because we may soon see other retailers come up with even more enticing discounts on the aforementioned handsets.

Courtesy: CNET

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