Samsung Finally Brings TecTiles To Galaxy S4

When Samsung first launched TecTiles, it made a lot of headlines because of the sheer usability and convenience it offered. Galaxy S4 users have been waiting for this technology for a while now, since the new chip in their smartphones didn’t support the original TecTiles. Good news for them is that TecTiles 2 is finally here.

TecTiles 2

The TecTile technology is very simple, and yet carries a hint of genius. It simply lets you accomplish different tasks, via your smartphone on its own. All you have to do is place TecTile tags at different places.

You assign certain tasks to these tags and once you bring your smartphone near them, it is able to communicate to these tags via Near-Field communications (NFC). And so, the designated task is accomplished immediately.

For instance, you can program a tag to turn on the TV in your room when you enter. The tag can be positioned near the door, so that as soon as you enter and bring your phone near the tag, the TV automatically turns on.

Of course to be able to communicate with the tag via your Galaxy S4, you will also need to install the accompanying app on your smartphone. The app is available in Google Play. While the new handset didn’t support the original TecTiles technology, the new version, namely TecTiles 2, will work fine on it. The price of the new version is the same as original TecTiles – $14.99 for a pack of five.

Courtesy: Mashable

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