Samsung Galaxy Nexus For $199 At Verizon

According to a mysterious ad that has been reported across a number of websites, Verizon has offered the fresh installment in the Android market, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, for a mere $199. Of course it will be part of a deal which will include conditions such as two-year subscriptions etc. But this ad, ahead of Nexus’ launch, has raised many eyebrows.

Special deals on Samsung Galaxy Nexus:
For all those Android fans out there, this may be really interesting. A leaked ad, the authenticity of which couldn’t be verified yet, is doing rounds on Android forums. This ad is from verizon and claims to be offering a deal on the latest Android smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The deal offers the phone for a mere $199.99 although the conditions that will accompany the deal have not been stated.

Let’s not forget here that although Galaxy Nexus has been launched in UK, the US market are still waiting for the availability. The ad becomes all the more interesting because it claims to be offering the deal even before the phone has been launched at US. Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the smartphone which runs the latest Android OS, the Ice Cream Sandwich. According to Samsung, the model available with Verizon will offer LTE and 32 GB options whereas the model launched in countries other than US will come with only 3G Networking and 16 GB of memory.

Android Police has also reported that the link to the mysterious ad contains the date ’11/29′ and that that may possibly be the launch date of the smartphone, leaked unintentionally by the advertising firm.
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