Samsung Galaxy S IV May Include Eye-Controlled Scrolling

As we near towards the March 14th unveiling of the next flagship smartphone from Samsung, the web is fraught with speculations, rumors and predictions about the upcoming handset. Now, reports suggest that the Galaxy S IV smartphone may include the option of navigation through text simply with the movement of your eyes.

Samsung Galaxy S IV

That is a rather interesting speculation but it is lent much credence in the light of the fact that Samsung has recently filed for patents titled ‘Eye Pause’ and ‘Eye Scroll.’ Of course the company itself hasn’t divulged any details regarding the upcoming smartphone or that whether such a feature will be a part of it.

However, a report in the New York Times suggests that the new handset will allow the users to scroll down a page of text simply by moving their eyes to the bottom of the screen. Another reason why this seems rather plausible is that the current-generation Galaxy S III smartphone also packs a related feature called ‘Smart Stay.’

The feature utilizes the front camera of the smartphone to detect whether or not the user is looking at the screen; and as long as the user is staring at the screen, it keeps the phone from going into sleep mode.

Whether or not this report turns out to be true is only a matter of a few days. What is certain about Samsung Galaxy S IV, though, is that the smartphone is going to pack significant hardware as well as software upgrades and may further gear up the pace of Samsung’s smartphone sales.

Source: NYT

Courtesy: CNN

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