Samsung Galaxy S4 Is 2x Faster Than iPhone 5 According To Benchmarks

Every time a new handset appears on the smartphone market, a flurry of benchmark tests are carried out to check out how well it performs. Apparently, Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 has already undergone a few tests, and the benchmarks divulge that it is nearly twice as fast as Apple’s latest flagship iPhone 5.

Geekbench 2 score

These results are based on the Galaxy S4’s performance on the Geekbench 2, a benchmark which gauges the overall performance of a smartphone. According to these benchmarks, Galaxy S4 doesn’t only outperform Galaxy S III and HTC One, it also performs nearly twice as fast as iPhone 5.

This is a remarkable achievement on the part of Samsung, especially because the scores of iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III were fairly close on the benchmark. The fact that Galaxy S4 scored twice as much only shows the tremendous improvement Samsung has made to its flagship smartphone in less than a year.

According to an analyst, “The Samsung Galaxy S4 is twice as fast as the Samsung Galaxy S III. Given that the Samsung Galaxy S III is less than a year old, that’s a remarkable achievement. I am amazed at how quickly smartphone technology is improving.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is also twice as fast as the Apple iPhone 5. Apple has improved performance dramatically in the past (there was 2.5x increase in performance from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5). Will they be able to make a similar improvement for the next iPhone?”

Source: Primate Labs

Courtesy: Mac Rumors

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