Samsung Tries To Cover Up The Video Of Galaxy S4 On Fire

Electronics which have a knack of bursting into flames are not good marketing for their vendors. That may explain why Samsung recently tried to cover up an incident where Galaxy S4 caught fire while being recharged.

Samsung Galaxy S4

This is, by no means, the first incident of its kind. In the past, we have seen a number of incidents where tablets or smartphones suddenly heat up unusually, sometimes so much as to cause fire. Back in July this year, for instance, we reported that a Galaxy S4 burst into flames and as the fire went out of control, it burnt down an entire house.

In another similar incident, a user apparently reported that his Galaxy S4 caught fire during a recharge. He recorded a video of the whole thing and posted it on YouTube. Since the handset was still under warranty, he asked Samsung to replace it.

Samsung, interestingly, asked the user to take down his YouTube video first or his unit will not be replaced. It must be noted here that by posting the video, the user hasn’t violated any regulations or laws. In other words, he was perfectly entitled to post the video and tell others what happened to his handset.

So when Samsung asked him to take down the video, he refused to do so and didn’t sign the letter sent by the company. Instead, he posted the letter online along with yet another caustic video of the way Samsung deals with its customers. In all, the entire episode is somewhat of an embarrassment for Samsung which could’ve been avoided had the company replaced the unit as it should.

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