Social Networks and iMessage Caused Text Messaging Downfall By 22%

According to a recent Citigroup study, text messaging is on the downward trend. The report was focused on the SMS use during the Christmas and on New Year’s Eve and studied the communication habits of Europeans. The report reveals that users tend to replace the old SMSs with more modern means of sending and receiving wishes to far away friends and relatives.

Social media were perceived as more convenient means of communication and the websites based on social networking were in the top of preferences. iMessaging, Apple’s service for free texting was also among the main culprits for SMS’ downfall. Citigroup report revealed that the most significant drop in text messaging popularity was noticed on the most mature markets, such as Finland, Nokia’s home. The drop was drastic and rather unexpected by many analysts and reached to 22% compared to last year’s figures.

Simon Weeden, Citigroup analyst, explained that “The true impact of changes in behavior around Facebook, Twitter and Apple’s latest move to provide automatic text rerouting through iMessenger have not yet been felt.” The study pointed out that markets focused on pre-paid offers, such as Spain or Italy, are most at risk.

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