Solar-Powered iPod Dock


Here is Regen’s Renu solar-powered iPod dock, an unbelievable but incredible solar product that’s actually coming to market next year. Regen’s Reverb is also a solar-powered iPod dock which is 3-feet tall and capable of cranking out 60 watts of power off of the sun’s rays.

The ReNu probably doesn’t work as you’d imagine from looking at the photograph. Sure, you see an iPod dock with speakers, just as you’d expect. But that huge back plate is actually a solar panel/battery combo that you can remove from the dock to hang near a window to store energy. It takes about 9 hours to charge in direct sunlight, or 20 hours to charge in indirect sunlight, to power music for 7-8 hours.

Regen ReNu gallery

ReNu Product Link

This ReNu panel actually supports a variety of different base units, including a pure iPod/iPhone dock (no speakers included) and an LED desk lamp.

the basic idea becomes something like, hang or place a bunch of solar panels in sunlight, then grab power as necessary. But in case you find this ease of use scenario as hard to believe as us, all of the docks and the ReNu panel itself will plug in should the sun’s juice fall short.

The base ReNu panel alone can be preodered now for 2010 availability. It runs $200. The accessories start at $90 and work their way up.


Reverb is 3-feet tall and capable of cranking out 60 watts of power off of the sun’s rays. You will need all 3-feet of that space to generate enough electricity to play your music for 4.5 hours at full volume/12 hours at a normal volume. Of course, it takes 20 hours of outdoor sun exposure (or 40 hours indoor) to reach a full charge. If you are not patient enough to wait, the Reverb can be powered up via a regular electrical socket—although I would suggest spending your $2,229 elsewhere if you see yourself doing that frequently. Speaking of being patient, the Reverb won’t be available in April of 2010.

Reverb Gallery

Reverb Product Link


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