Sony PSP2 Coming Next Week

At first we will see Sony PSP2 at a Sony Computer Entertainment event in Japan and now next PlayStation Phone is coming at Mobile World Congress (MWC) next week…….

Sony aims to unveil an updated PlayStation Portable handheld game device on Jan. 27.Sony is world’s econd-largest maker of portable game players and will also outline a strategy to use its networked entertainment services to share games, movies and music among handheld products, TVs and other devices.With the updated portable player and the Sony Ericsson touchscreen smartphone to be shown at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.Sony’s Networked Product & Service Group offers video on demand and a cloud-based music service under the Qriocity brand.Sony products may boost flagging US retail sales of games and hardware.PSP2 will help revitalise the industry and help fend off digital threats from Apple devices that only sell games online.


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