T-Mobile Rolls Out Nationwide Availability Of GoSmart Prepaid Service

Rumors have been abound over the last few days that T-Mobile may launch the GoSmart prepaid service. Now, the wireless carrier has lived up to these rumors and formally announced the launch of the prepaid cellular service.

T-Mobile GoSmart

GoSmart prepaid service essentially allows customers to buy cellular services by paying for them in advance. According to T-Mobile, it has been testing out the service for months now and the initial feedback from customers has been very positive.

T-Mobile will be offering the GoSmart plans which it had been offering during the trial run. These include getting unlimited voice and text messaging for $30, including web browsing in that for a total of $35, and a $45 plan which brings all three features together with 5GB of 3G data, thus accommodating the users on the high-speed 3G connectivity.

During the trial run, T-Mobile says, it has already been able to sign up tens of thousands of customers which reflects the popularity of the prepaid service plans among the customers. The carriers is hoping that now, with a full nationwide rollout, it will be able to significantly bolster the numbers.

Starting from today, GoSmart will be available with more than 3,000 reseller stores all around the country. Different GSM devices could be used to avail the service by simply purchasing a SIM kit. Alternatively, users can buy one of the two handsets which support the service by default.

Source: GoSmart

Courtesy: The Verge

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