Tenna – Concept Of Futuristic Screenless All-In-One Phone

Basically Tenna is a screen less phone that support only users voice command. This device provides only calling and texting functions. It will not be wrong to say, Tenna is a name of device which has video camera, still camera, voice recorder, MP3 player, movie player, web browser, sketchpad and many more.Its 1.5” device has a detachable piece for making calls and hooks up to any device via the USB port.


Tenna Phone Features

  • Supports 2 different modes
    1.Stand-alone mode
    -phone only mode
    -voice recognition UI

    2.Add-on mode
    -Graphic UI
    -Use other digital gadgets for advanced functions

  • Embedded phone application
    (plug & play supported)
  • Built in microphone
  • Memory for storing personal data
    (contact history, contact list etc)
  • USB mini interface
  • Bluetooth kernel type earphone




Source: Yankodesign

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