The $50,000 Android Phone

How about $50,000. As you recall, the Ulysse Nardin Chairman is a freaking $50,000 phone. It’s only in beta right now, but it will run Android 2.1 and come in multiple styles including a model covered with diamonds. The box, as you’ll see in the video, is nutso too. It’s basically a dock with speakers and a USB port.

The phone is made for the ultrarich. As the charming young lady who showed it to us explained, it’s for folks who can’t bring their Ferraris into the club and need something equally ostentatious.

I have a few decidedly grumpy things to say about the phone here but seeing it in person – and basically understanding the ludicrousness of the idea – have made me a believer. Sadly, the phone will not be carrier subsidized but it will work on most GSM frequencies. If you’re confused by that last thing, just have your manservant put your SIM card in for you and have another mimosa.

Check the video.

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