Watch 2010 FIFA World Cup live on Sprint Android phones

FIFA World Cup 2010 is one of the most anticipated tournaments. The tournament comes after every 4 years, and you guys know that USA is now in the FIFA World Cup 2010. The tournament is going to start from June 11th 2010.

Most of the people watch it on their TVs, but sometime it’s hard to reach your TV if you are stuck in work or traffic. But mobile carrier like Sprint don’t want their customers to miss any game.

Sprint has announced that they will allow users to watch 56 live world cup matches through the ESPN Mobile TV channel available through Sprint TV. The service is available on all Sprint Android phones, but it will be awesome on HTC EVO 4G, thanks to the speedy WiMax and a large 4.3 inch screen, and not forgetting the cool kick stand. But if you need more big screen, then I think you can connect your EVO 4G with your TV via the HDMI output.

Source: Android

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