Web Browser Speed Test between Windows Phone 7 vs iOS 4[Video]

Microsoft provided the first in-depth look into Windows Phone 7 Series application development at MIX10 in Las Vegas.Meanwhile folks at NewsGeek site has put a test phone which is running Technical Preview version of Windows Phone 7 against iPhone 3GS running iOS 4 for a head-to-head web browser speed comparison.

Now in fairness, Mobile IE may not be finished yet and in fact, is probably not, so we should expect it to perform better by release. On top of that, we know Mobile IE can be updated independently of the whole OS, allowing, in theory, frequent updates to improve the browsing experience.

Check out the video below.

Thanks to Redmond Pie , wmexperts

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  1. Rathskeller

    Interesting, but you should have either visited them twice, or cleared the cache before each URL load. As it is, this timing shows nothing conclusive: perhaps you read NY Times each day on your phone.

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