Mutewatch An Innovative Watch

Mutewatch now in production, set to silently manage your day by July and the Mutewatch uses a simple swipe interface to activate the screen and toggle through alarm, timer and clock functions. The alarm vibrates rather than creating a loud ruckus and is deactivated by pinching the watch and this watches are available now in white, gray or red color options for €19 (~$25) for pre-order…………..


Meet the Mutewatch, a new time management tool that features vibrating alarm and timer functions and a hidden touchscreen. It works as a silent reminder that lets you know when it’s time to sum up, move on, or get going. The Mutewatch keeps track of time – so you don’t have to. The Mutewatch is due to launch on a global level in July, 2011. So far, 10 000 products have been sold, both online, to distributors and to key concept stores – among others Colette in Paris, Cara & Co in Moscow and NK in Stockholm. It all started when Mai-Li Hammargren wanted to avoid waking up her film photographer boyfriend every morning, as he worked late nights. Mai-Li got in touch with Oscar Ritzén Praglowski, a design engineering student and together with Gustav Hammargren they founded Mutewatch in 2008. The original idea of a quiet alarm clock developed into a philosophy all about time management, efficiency and respecting other people’s time.Not long after this, mechatronical engineering student Johan Thelander was brought into the team because of his passion for turning concepts into tangible products. A couple of years ago, Johan transformed his bed into one big alarm clock – due to its ability to measure weight it wouldn’t stop beeping until he got out of bed. Johan was without a doubt perfect for the job.


Today, after more than three years since the idea first meeting, the team couldn’t be more excited to finally be able to release the Mutewatch into the global market. Mutewatch is a Swedish company based in Stockholm. “We work at the centre of a constantly growing international network that includes people from the film, design, fashion and music industries as well as young entrepreneurs and professionals. We are driven by curiosity and have a simplistic and human approach to technology. This is why this network is the perfect place for us to develop and test our innovations and designs, letting us have a conversation about how we can adjust and improve our products. Our goal is to develop products that give people the tools they need to manage their time in a sustainable way. We believe in the pursuit of dreams, ambitions and personal fulfilment – whatever they may be – and embrace the possibilities and opportunities of contemporary life,” company said. The Mutewatch works for everyone who has a set of tasks, a goal to achieve and only 24 hours a day to do so.

Meet the Mutewatch from Mutewatch on Vimeo.


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