Netbook or Notebook? New Dimensions in the Price War

So far, the future of netbook seems to be unrivaled. Even a 139 million shipments by the tear 2013 was predicted by reasearch firm ABI. But a new line of low cost notebooks, costing as low as $298, have thrown in a serious challenge towards the netbook market.
Toshiba low cost laptop
These laptops with big screens, large memory and reasonable processing power are nothing like netbooks. And, they challenge the prime luster towards netbooks – price.

The $298 Wal-mart laptop finished before most people had the opportunity to draw the money out of their pockets. The $299 Acer laptop has experienced more or less the same fate. Best Buy later offered a new series of Toshiba laptops at $329.

Whatever the price is – $298, $299 or $329, these new range of laptops posses serious challenge for the low cost netbooks. However, netbooks still have one simple advantage – ultra portability, prime consideration for few people.


Manoj Pravakar Saha is an Editor of TheTechJournal. He was one the founding members of TheTechJournal. He was working for the telecom gear-maker Ericsson before joining TheTechJournal team. Manoj searches for meaning in this chaotic world. Find him on Google+.

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  1. Ignacio Korf

    Bought the netbook a month ago and just love working with it. Its full size keyboard is a great boon to typing and it is fast ! Suggest you buy an external CD /DVD writer to allow you to use the machine more fully and to load / save items etc. LOve the color and ease of use !

    Great value for money !

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  3. Norberto Forsell

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