New TL500 and TL350 By Samsung

Samsung have just announced two new cameras in their TL-series. Cameras showing some of efficient features needed by consumers. Although, it is quite small info, this is great to hear something about these two new Samsung digital cam models before buying.
The TL500 with a 10-megapixel sensor, F/1.8 ultra-wide lens and 3-inch swivelling, rotating AMOLED preview screen, and the TL350 with a 10.2-megapixel sensor, 5x optical zoom and 3-inch fixed AMOLED display. Both cameras – fresh to PMA 2010 this week – pair optical and digital image stabilization, and the TL350 can shoot 1080p HD video and output it via HDMI.


The TL350 also supports panorama shooting, 10fps 10-megapixel rapid shots, up to 1,000fps high-speed movie capture and will grab RAW images as well as JPEGs. It’ll also recognize up to 20 faces in a single shot, together with various combinations of smiling, blinking, and other intelligent auto modes, and has integrated software for video editing on a PC so you don’t need to carry a CD around with you.


The articulating display was indeed quite luminous, and as you can see from the sample shot, the flash-imbued capture is quite nice — same can’t be said sans flash in this instance, though. As for the TL350, we’re always a fan of the analog dials for battery and storage, and the 1,000 frames per second video recording was quite the treat. That said, at 138 x 78 resolution, it’s not practical, but the in-between burst shoots do lend themselves to some fun party tricks. Hardware shots just below, TL500 sample shot after the break.

As for the TL500, that has a 3x optical zoom and can record 640 x 480 30fps H.264 video. It uses Schneider Kreuznach optics and has a comprehensive manual mode. It will go on sale in Spring 2010, priced at $449.99, while the TL350 will be $349.99.



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