New Touchscreen Cameras and Camcorders By HP

HP has relished five new cameras and three new camcorders at PMA. The cameras consist of touchscreen controls and new, more intuitive user interfaces. HP is also aiming for low priced cameras and camcorders, all of these new phones being under $200.
The $109 CW450t (pictured above) and $149 CW460t cameras have 2.7- and 3-inch touchscreen, respectively, and 4x optical zoom, while the $169 V5061u and $199 V5560u camcorders have 3-inch touchscreens shoot full 1080p — the V5560u adds in a 5x optical zoom.

That’s not all for HP’s low-end imaging assault: there’s also the $99 CW450 and $129 SW450 cams with 4x zooms, the $149 PW550z with a 5x zoom, and the $109 V1020h camcorder that shoots 720p.

All of the point-and-shoot cameras are 12-megapixels, but there are a few key features that differentiate them. First up are the CW450t ($110) and PW460t ($150) point-and-shoot models, both of which feature LCD touchscreen displays. You can use your fingers to scroll through images and zoom in and out, as well as flip through menu items. With the Touch Shot feature you can tap on a person or object on the screen and the camera will autofocus on the subject, taking the photo only when you remove your finger. The PW460 has a 3-inch display, while the CW450t only has a 2.7-inch display. Also available is the CW450, a non-touch screen version of the CW450t that costs $100.

Each of the new HP cameras feature 4X optical zoom, except for the $150 PW550. Aimed at casual outdoor photographers who want to capture panoramic shots and vast scenery, the PW550 has 5X zoom optical zoom and a 28mm wide angle lens.

“HP is giving consumers a better way to interact with point-and-shoot cameras by offering models with advanced features at a great value,” said Mark Ostendorf, manager, Business Development, Personal Systems Group, HP. “Entry-level consumers will love the HP CW series while customers who want a premium experience will enjoy the touch interface of the HP CW450t or PW460t and two of our new camcorders.”



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