Newcastle University Wants To Introduce Biometric Scanners: Students Protesting

We have already seen biometric scanners. And now we may see it in universities too. Why? So that students have to scan their fingerprints to prove that they are not bunking off lectures. Newcastle University wants to introduce biometric scanners. But the students of Newcastle University are protesting this biometric scanner move.

Newcastle University plans to introduce biometric scanners to bring it in line with the UK Border Agency (UKBA) and clamp down on illegal immigrants. It is exactly not clear how Newcastle University will use the biometric scanners. But it is expected that when biometric scanners will be enacted in Newcastle University, students have to scan their fingerprints to prove that they are not bunking off lectures. On the other side, classes which will recognize students’ fingerprints and collect data on which sessions they attend. Besides students will be monitored through the student attendance system from the start of academic year.

But rather than supporting this initiatives, many students as well as staffs are protesting the move. According to Newcastle University, the move is necessary to meet their obligation to UKBA. But some students and staff claim the move is “unnecessary and intrusive”. 1,200 students voted against the initiative and only 320 students voted in favor of Newcastle University.

Source: The Northern Echo

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