Nuances Launches A Revolution: Voice-Controlled Dragon TV

While everyone has been long speculating that Apple will soon launch a Siri-controlled TV, Nuance has taken the lead by launching Dragon TV. Nuance is the same company that is powering Apple’s Siri in iPhone 4S and so, is indeed the company with the cutting-edge voice-recognition software. ‘Dragon TV’ allows users to surf channels, go to web, send messages, post updates to Facebook and Twitter and whole lot more just be saying it all.

It seems like Nuance is all set to take Siri to it’s fullest. The Dragon TV, that Nuance is all set to launch, will be able to decipher a whole lot of voice-based instructions and respond to them. You can, for instance, tell your TV to ‘Send John a message’ and then dictate the message, for instance ‘Send John a message: Let’s meet up tonight” and your TV will send the message right-away!

And the fun doesn’t end here. Dragon TV will also let you post updates to your Facebook and Twitter in a similar fashion. And that’s only one part of the whole fun. According to Nuance, Dragon TV is available already and support nearly all major TV platforms. The press release also specifically mentions that Dragon TV supports platforms such as iOS, Android and Linux. Of course, nuance will most probably be using an advanced version of Siri in it’s TV.

Dragon TV makes web searching for programs and channels of your interest a very easy task. You just have to tell your TV to search the content you are interested in, and it will do it right away, pulling it from internet and other service providers.

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