Ooma Hub – VoIP Phone Device With No Monthly Phone Service Bills

Ooma is an award-winning product that gives you free home phone service. Quite simply, no more nickel and dime fees and no more monthly phone bills. Acclaimed by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Business Week, and featured as one of the year’s hottest products in Parade and In Style magazines, Ooma offers premium home phone service as it was meant to be. This is an Amazon’s product review. Checkout more details bellow.


Your one-time purchase of the Ooma system delivers:

  • Free calling in the U.S. with no monthly fees or contracts
  • Caller-ID, call-waiting, and voicemail
  • The reliability and crisp acoustic performance of a landline
  • Easy setup in just minutes
  • A new phone number from any calling area in the U.S.
  • The option to keep your existing number for a one-time charge ($39.99)
  • The freedom to hear your voicemail and control preferences online in the Ooma Lounge
  • Voicemail notifications to your email and your mobile phone
  • Extremely low-cost international rates starting at a penny per minute
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee and an extendable one-year warranty
  • A free 60-day trial of Ooma Premier


Smart and stylish, the Ooma Hub partners with your high-speed Internet and your existing home phones to deliver free home phone service. Your one-time purchase eliminates monthly bills for U.S. calling and delivers extremely low rates for international calls. You’ll also get bundled features at no extra charge. Click below for a full list of what is included with your purchase of an Ooma Hub.

Free U.S. calling
Your one-time purchase of an award-winning Ooma Hub device frees your phone service. Call anyone, at any number, anywhere in the U.S. without charge. Think how much you pay the phone company each year. Now imagine what you could do with all the money you save.


Bundled features

Ooma gives you all the calling features you’ve come to depend on, including caller-ID, call-waiting, and voicemail.

Exceptional voice quality
The Ooma system has been architected to deliver exceptional voice quality and reliability, giving you the crisp, acoustic performance of a landline, without the associated monthly charges. According to our customers, Ooma offers “excellent voice quality,” “better than landline.”

My Ooma Online
My Ooma is your online destination for the Ooma service. You can listen to messages, check your call logs, control your account preferences, prepay for international calling, and even set up voicemail notifications, 24 hours a day.


Low-cost international calling
Ooma offers low-cost international calling starting at only a penny per minute. Prepay for international calls in increments as low as $10 in the online Ooma Lounge. Ooma also offers free in-network calling, so call another Ooma customer anywhere in the world at no charge!


We’ve got your number
Want something new? When you purchase an Ooma system, you can choose a new number in any calling area in the US. Want to keep your phone number? Ooma gives you the option to transfer your number from your current phone provider. Just pay a one-time porting charge of $39.99, or enjoy complimentary number porting with an annual subscription to Ooma Premier ($99.99).

Set-up is easy
Ooma has been designed with the customer in mind for an intuitive out-of-box experience. Most customers are up in dialing in less than 15 minutes. If you’ve got any questions, our online support site is loaded with dozens of articles, diagrams, tips, and facts. Something we didn’t cover? No problem. Check out our lively customer forum or call a member of our support team.


Flexibility to keep a landline
Ooma gives you the flexibility to integrate a low-cost landline as a backup. This means you can keep your current phone number and enjoy the assurance of traditional 911 service and seamless coverage during Internet and power outages.

Discover Ooma Premier

Want more? Try our enhanced calling features with your free 60-day trial of Ooma Premier. Enrich your home phone experience with features designed to help you:

  • Block telemarketers
  • Save serious cash
  • Stay connected on the go
  • Setup a home office
  • Keep the peace

After the free trial ends, you can keep Ooma Premier for $12.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

Transfer your number
Want to keep your phone number? Ooma will transfer your number from your current phone provider for free with an annual subscription to Ooma Premier ($39.99 value).

Personal blacklist
Let Ooma be your personal bouncer. Review your call logs in the Ooma Lounge. For anyone who doesn’t make the cut, add them to your blacklist. Their call will get diverted next time they call. You have the option to block them completely or send them straight to voicemail. The choice is yours.
Community blacklist
Harness the power of the Ooma community and protect yourself from unwanted callers before they’ve even tried to call you. Think of it as Survivor for telemarketers. As other Ooma users vote callers “off the island” by adding them to their blacklist, we’re tallying up the votes. Combined with our algorithms for detecting phone spamming patterns, and you’ve got the ultimate blacklist!

Constantly on the go? Multi-Ring takes call forwarding to the next level. Configure your Ooma number to simultaneously ring your home phone and mobile phone at the same time. Answer the call on either, the choice is yours. Whether at home or on the road, you’ll never need to miss a call.


Instant Second Line
Do your kids have the gift of gab? No problem! When you sign up for Ooma Premier, you’ll get an Instant Second Line? feature, which lets you make or take two simultaneous calls without the cost or hassle of installing a second line. So when your daughter’s chatting with her BFF (i.e., best friend forever), simply pick up another phone and you’ll get a fresh Ooma dialtone.


Message screening
Don’t recognize the caller-ID? Just let your Ooma system pick up the call and listen in as the caller’s message is played out through the speakers on your Ooma device. If it turns out you want to take the call, just pick up the phone and connect instantly.

Voicemail forwarding
Enjoy the ultimate convenience of having your voicemail forwarded to your email. Now you can listen to messages from your favorite mobile or desktop email client.

Personal numbers
Ooma makes it easy to add phone numbers for your home office and all the members of your family. With Ooma Premier, choose a second number anywhere in the US! Decide whether you want your number to ring and leave voicemail on all phones or just your personal Ooma device. Need more than two numbers? The Ooma system supports up to nine (additional monthly charge applies).

Private voicemail
Want privacy from snooping family? With Ooma Premier, make any Ooma device a private extension. What’s more, you’ll get a password-protected voicemail account to hear your messages online. You can also set up personal greetings, customize privacy settings, and control your voicemail notification or forwarding preferences.


Custom ring patterns
Isn’t it time to quit playing receptionist for your way-too-popular kids? When you subscribe to Ooma Premier, you can select custom ring patterns for each of your personal numbers so you’ll know which calls are for you.

Three-way conferencing
Need to make dinner plans with two of your friends? We’ve got you covered. Ooma makes three-way calling simple! Once you’re on a call, press the second line button to make or take a second call. Press down both line buttons at once, and you’ve got yourself a conference call.

Send to Voicemail
Don’t have a pen and paper handy to jot down a note or directions to a party? Transfer a call to voicemail by pressing the “Send to Voicemail” button at any time.

Do Not Disturb
Need a little peace and quiet? Simply press the envelope icon for two seconds and all your calls will roll into voicemail without ringing. You’ll still see a blinking light when new messages come in. To deactivate Do Not Disturb, hold down the envelope icon for two more seconds.

That’s all about the ooma Hub – VoIP Phone Device with No Monthly Phone Service Bills. This VoIP Phone Device is available in Amazon.com. You can directly order or buy from here.
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