Pioneer SE-NC31C-K Headphones

Pioneer’s SE-NC31C-K noise-cancelling earbuds are cheap and it promise to remove 90 percent of ambient noise at the flip of a switch on its AAA battery-powered in-line module.Enjoy all the details of your favorite music with active noise cancellation and it is perfect for flying or any other environment where ambient noise takes away from your entertainment………


Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. released the SE-NC31C-K noise cancelling earbud stereo headphones, designed for noise cancellation of up to 90% (measured at 300hz) so consumers can hear more of what they’re listening to. The new SE-NC31C-K actively monitors the nearby sound environment and electronically cancels low frequency ambient noise that can interfere with normal audio listening. The earbuds also feature large 14.2 mm drivers and various connection adapters to make it the ideal accessory for music listening.“It’s amazing how much more of your music can be heard through the SE-NC31C-K’s in environments such as airplanes, where there’s constant noise being produced around you,” said Chris Walker, director AV marketing and product planning for the home entertainment division of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “Our new SE-NC31C-K earbuds deliver an elevated music experience that you wouldn’t get out of typical in-ear headphones.”


The SE-NC31C-K makes music listening more enjoyable without having to raise the volume level from the audio source. The earbuds utilize microphones located in each ear piece to measure unwanted low-frequency noise. These components then insert an equal amplitude, opposite phase signal of the unwanted noise, to cancel it before it reaches the listener’s ears. And with one AAA battery, users can enjoy up to 120 hours of their music with less noise.The noise cancelling feature of the SE-NC31C-K can also be turned off or bypassed if battery power runs out, allowing them to function as conventional headphones.The Pioneer SE-NC31C-K is available at a suggested retail price of $99.


Features :

  • In-flight Plug Adaptor
  • Interchangeable Ear-Tips (4 sizes in XS, S, M, L)
  • Carrying Pouch
  • 4.6’ cord with L-type 3.5mm plug
  • One AAA Battery



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