PrimeSense Unveiled World’s Smallest 3D Sensor “Capri 1.25” At CES 2013

PrimeSense, the leader in Natural Interaction and 3D sensing solutions, has unveiled the world’s smallest 3D sensing sensor, Capri 1.25 at CES 2013. The Capri 1.25 is about ten times smaller than the company’s previous 3D-sensing chip.


Capri 1.25 utilizes the next generation System on Chip (SoC) with improved algorithms that uses the information to get a complete, live, fully 3D picture of the room including people and objects. The tiny sensor provides the most versatile 3D sensing platform that can fit in PCs, tablets, TVs, consumer robotics and more. Besides, Capri 1.25 is small enough to fit into today’s most popular smartphones and will provide the highest depth performance. Here’re the features of Capri 1.25 at a glance.

  • Field of View 57.5×45
  • Range 0.8m-3.5m
  • VGA depth map (640×480)
  • USB2.0 powered
  • Standard off the shelf components
  • OpenNI compliant

Here are some photos of Capri 3D-sensing chip taken at CES 2013.

Capri 1.25 - 1
Capri 1.25 - 2
Capri 1.25 - 3
Capri 1.25 - 4
Capri 1.25 - 5

In short, the world’s smallest 3D sensor Capri 1.25 can create a ubiquitous 3D-sensing environment. President and founder Aviad Maizels has called Capri 1.25 a “new way of living.” Here’s a video demonstration of Capri sensor.

Source: Engadget

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