Rare Apple Device, WALT Prototype Surfaces On eBay

During the 90s, Apple was experimenting with a lot of gadgets and devices and while some of them made it to the market and then quickly faded to oblivion, some didn’t even make it to the market. One such rare gadget has surfaced on eBay. It’s a prototype of a certain Apple WALT device that has been posted on eBay. Apparently, it was introduced back in 1993  and was meant to be a companion for the home phone.

From the date of its launch, you can see that it was launched about the same time the well-known Apple Newton hit the shelves. The features of this WALT device are pretty impressive too, given the fact that it was released about two decades ago.

It comes with a touchscreen, a stylus and handwriting recognition. The devices comes with an integrate address book, custom ringtones, caller ID and fax services. It even claims to provide access to online banking. The software that runs on the device is a System 6 with a HyperCard GUI. With all these specs and features, it must have been a pretty advanced gadget for its time.

It has been put up on eBay by a certain russel400. According to the seller, it has some loose connections which can be easily fixed by someone who has a little know-how of electronics. However, the price of the gadget is what really steals the limelight. The seller is currently asking a mere $8,000 for the device, clearly selling it more as an antique rather than a mere device. Of course most of us would rush to do the maths of how many iPad or iPhone devices we can get in that price. And very naturally so.

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