Samsung 75-inch D9500 3D TV

This 75-inch platter dubbed D9500 has stolen the short-lived crown off LG’s 72-inch LZ9700 to become the world’s largest LED-backlit 3D LCD HDTV and obviously Samsung’s still staying faithful to its active shutter 3D technology following its recent price drop on its glasses, the 240Hz display will also come with the usual Smart TV features, garnished by a QWERTY flip remote for your web-browsing and SNS needs on that large screen………….


Samsung has released 75-inch Premium Smart TV or D9500 in Korea and as the highest-end product in Samsung Smart TV line-up, D9500 is the biggest in size, clearest in definition, highest in performance.Samsung 75-inch D9500 series, whose unparalleled sense of simplicity and style of TV technology and the right blend of technology and art designer has launched a smart TV. D9500 Series TV products this year, Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest, the finest products  75-inch LED TV,  giant screen to enjoy smart functions,  screen to maximize engagement ‘Secret Design‘, the world’s largest 75 inches 3D TV,  twice more vivid Full HD 2D, 3D quality it boasts a true luxury TV. D9500 series, the maximum size of the existing LED TV with 3D capability Equipped with smart features for customers to provide the best viewing experience. In addition, extra-large screen, 75 inches available in a variety of customized features Smart TV is more convenient to enjoy.Easy custom Smart TV UI (User Interface) is ‘smart hub’ through the seumateutip, smart search, social network, Web Browser, Samsung Apps TV and you can easily enjoy.


Smart hub through which you can enjoy Smart TV customers to view content that is easy to glance at a screen to configure a single click allows you to easily take advantage of the content. Samsung Electronics, the Internet search or to search for content on Twitter, social media like Facebook, email, more convenient to use the computer keyboard and an array of such ‘smart remote kwotihyeong’ to be built. In addition to smart phones, tablet using the smart TV that enhance the usability of the Samsung remote ‘applications are also available.When you install the application, as well as a regular TV remote control functionality to the specific features of the Samsung Smart TV is convenient. Samsung Electronics in Korea nearly 300’re smart to offer TV content via TV customers can enjoy the Samsung smart choices to the content is up. Samsung Smart TV service in the country last March after just one month after a record number of 150,000 by the meeting, and popular 3D VOD services are free to enjoy freely. Samsung 3D VOD services provided by 3D content within this year plans to expand to 70 or more. D9500 Series 2011 TV chain of design decisions ‘Secret Design‘ in the back with a sense of elegant design, design trends, applying once again the world’s TV initiative.This smart TV will be making its way to the US in August nd will retail at around $13,000.


Features :

  • 75-inch Active 3D Screen
  • Black Diamond Panel
  • Secret Design
  • Qwerty Smart TV Remote
  • Smart Hub
  • 3D Hyperial Engine
  • Samsung Remote Application
  • Samsung Smart TV Contents


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