Samsung To Bring Bluetooth-enabled LED Bulb Into Market Soon

Many electronics companies have plunged into making Bluetooth-enabled LED bulb. Earlier we have seen LG launching Smart Bulb that lasts for over a decade. And now, South Korean tech giant Samsung has also jumped into this race. Lately, Samsung has announced that it’ll bring Bluetooth-enabled LED bulb into market very soon.


At CES 2014, Samsung hinted that it would make some smart-lighting bulb. In March, Samsung officially announced a new Bluetooth-enabled smart LED bulb. Few weeks ago, Samsung showcased the new LED bulb at Lightfair International. Regarding the bulb, Samsung has mentioned that it won’t require a hub, but instead will connect directly with your phone. Samsung claims people will be able to control 64 bulbs at a time each ranging up to 2,000 feet (a little over 600 meters) from one device. The bulb has one more attracting feature. It can change color temperature on demand. Samsung calls this feature “color tuning“.

Hee-Chong Yoon, Vice President of LED Lamp Marketing at Samsung Electronics, said, “Based on our extensive experience with semiconductor and LED technology, as well as our knowledge of the appliances industry, we are in a unique position to deliver exciting smart solutions for the LED Lighting industry. Our ultimate goal is to connect the digital dots in our customer’s lives and Samsung is well positioned to deliver LED solutions for the Smart Homes of the future.”

There’s no word about the price or power (watt) of the bulb. But Samsung has claimed that this Bluetooth-enabled LED bulb will last 15,000 hours (about 13 years at the industry-standard rate of 3 hours a day). Samsung has also hinted that this Bluetooth-enabled LED bulb would be available in the market later this year.

Courtesy: CNET

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