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Samsung Unleashed ‘Level’, A Strong Contender Of Beats Headphones

Beats headphones are simply just awesome in terms of bass sound quality. There are many headphones in the market, but nothing comes closer to Beats headphone. But lately, Samsung has unleashed a headphone called Level which is touted to be a strong contender of Beats headphone.

Samsung Level

Few months ago, Samsung had announced that it would unveil a line of premium headphones worldwide soon. And finally, last Wednesday, Samsung announced the availability of its new “Level” headphones in the United States. The Level headphone features a bulky-retro, over-the-ear design. It also includes a Bluetooth speaker box and a set of earphones.

Samsung Level Headphone

There are different types of Level headphones – Level Over, Level On, Level In, Level Box. All are wireless Bluetooth headphones. The Samsung Level Over costs $349.99 and it is a strong contender of Beats’ Studio wireless headphone that costs $379.95. On the other side, Level On costs $179.99 and Level Box costs $299.99. Level On is being compared to the Beats Solo that costs $199.95 and Level Box is compared to Beats Pill that costs $199.95.

Samsung Level On

That’s not all. Level in-ear wired earphones are also a strong rival of Beats’ in-ear wired earphones. The Level in-ear wired earphones that cost $149.99 are similar to Beats’ in-ear wired earphone offerings, the Powerbeats and the Tour (both $149.95 each).

Level Over Headset

Depending on your taste, the minimalist-style Level line comes off as either aggressively generic or classily conservative, which contrasts with Beats’ aesthetic bent toward more flashy hip-hop and electronic-music tastes.

Level In

Initial availability for Samsung’s Level headphones will be exclusive to Gilt beginning on Thursday, with Amazon and Best Buy offering the Level on July 20 and 27, respectively.

Source: Samsung

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