Sharp Blu-ray Disc Recorder

Sharp made a Blu-ray Disc recorder and shows it at CEATEC.It’s a 35mm thick portable blu-ray recorder.It can write BD-R discs or the newer, pricier, 100GB BDXL discs and BDXL…..

Sharp Corp developed a Blu-ray Disc (BD) recorder that is as thin as 35mm at the thinnest part and exhibited it at Ceatec Japan 2010. The recorder is capable of recording and playing of the BDXL disk, which has a capacity of 100 Gbytes. By using the large-capacity disk in place of a hard disk drive (HDD), Sharp realized the thickness of the chassis.

BD recorders using an HDD have an HDD capacity of at least 320 Gbytes, which is equivalent to the capacity of three BDXL disks.So, it is possible to use BDXL disks in place of an HDD.In addition, Sharp reduced the thickness of the recorder by using an external AC adapter like a notebook PC and diminishing the number of its recording functions. The weight of the recorder is about 2kg.

May be the price of BD recorder will be low and there is no release date of this portable device.On the other hand, Panasonic Corp exhibited the mock-up of a small-size BD recorder equipped with an HDD. Panasonic has not yet determined the release date or the price of the recorder.


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